5 Different Glass Table Ideas for Homes with Large Living Area

Glass tables are fabulous centerpieces if you are looking for table ideas for home interior decor in a large living area. They are sturdy with great balance to fill up the size of any room. The growing trend has made them into different table ideas that can be used for various functions, like; a coffee table, a storage facility for books, an item to carry on other accessories, a dining table and much more. Glass tables exhume elegance wherever they are used to improve the visual display of the interior of a living room.

They are transparent for other pieces of furniture or accessories to be perceived through them. They can be designed using different means and medium like the way they are done in Fab glass and mirror factory. A doctored glass table can contribute to the central theme of a room. A retrofitted glass can display the other colors in a room in a mixed format to bring out another form of lighting.

Glass side tables can be used to attend to a more personal needs of the user rather than relying on the centre table. For any large area to be a center of attention using a glass table, it will depend on certain other factors than the kind of glass table that is used. A round glass table will be more suitable in smaller rooms1. for space management, but other forms of glass table will require a significant amount of effort to make them stand out in a large living area.

Five different table idea you can make work

#1. Have a collection of one large and smaller tables

The center of the room is usually reserved for an astonishing beautiful table irrespective of what it is made of. Turn this into a masterpiece by making the most of the simplistic look of the glass table and support it with smaller ones. Smaller tables can be used by guests who find it hard to reach the center table because of the distance from the couch. They can place drinks, coffee, book, and anything they need the convenience of a table for there. More than one glass table would mean more cleaning to do in a large area, in the end, it will be worth it.

#2. Fill them with accessories

A glass table is the best tables for home interiors because they give more than what others can’t in the long run. Their health friendly use is making them the best place to keep accessories that will beautify a large living room.

For example, they can take magazines, books, and many more items at the different compartment of the table where they can be spotted easily by guests for a light read. A plain and simple design of a glass table with books on top of it is also a good way of decorating the interior of your room. Well-stacked books can form a unique design in a place if blended correctly with the environment.


#3. Decorate with flowers

Use smaller tables to put flowers in specific places in a large room and watch how much they sparkle in the glim of light.  Flowers in a beautiful vase or terracotta pots on a glass table is always a beautiful sight to behold any time of the day in a room.

#4. Decorate with Sculptures

Mosaic designed sculptures and other forms of artistic display always work very well with glass tables. They can be placed adjacent to each other, and it will still be great for an excellent visual impression. They both leave an impression anytime they are placed together, it is why they are always considered for various table ideas.

#5. Make a statement with colors

Retrofitted colors or a more styled theme with a glass table at the center will lighten up anywhere. Glass mix very well with colors to bring special effect. It is why they are mostly used in clubs together always. Such an effect can also be added to a living room with a large area to bring out a central theme rather than have colors everywhere.

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