5 Must-Haves to Complete Your Farmhouse Christmas Decor

There’s just something about a farmhouse-themed Christmas that makes us feel like we’re in the middle of a dreamy Hallmark movie. Christmas in the country brings a sense of nostalgia that we can never get in the city, no matter how hard we try. From the snow covered rooftops and hills, to that old cabin fireplace with the mantel covered in pine leaves, and that fresh cut Christmas tree placed beside it — you can almost smell the warmth and coziness just thinking about it. Even if you don’t own a farmhouse yourself, there are plenty of touches that you can add to your city home that will allow you to escape to that old rustic charm. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

#1. Handmade signs

Signs made out of wood are as country as it gets, therefore you’ll need more than just one to bring out the country vibe throughout your home. When choosing signs, get ones that not only go along with the colors of your Christmas decor, but can also be dressed up. Placing a sign from Our Kindred Home on your kitchen counter, for example, can be staged with a jar of cookies, some pine leaves, pine cones and some Christmas figurines, such as a gingerbread man to make it pop. Another perfect place for wooden signs is in the entryway. Nothing is more welcoming than a well-decorated entryway to separate the rest of the world from your cozy Christmas nest.

#2. Decorative wooden skis

What is it about looking at a pair of vintage wooden skis that takes you back in time to an old backcountry slope? You may not ski, but a pair of these against a wall in your house will have you reminiscing as if you do. While you’re using them as part of your decor, try hanging some jingle bells from them, a Christmas scarf and some mittens. You can also use them as part of your outdoor decor near your doorstep. If you want to take it a step further, pair the skis with a vintage sleigh to set the stage.

#3. Old-fashioned knit stockings

If you’ve got a fireplace, make that the focal point, right after the Christmas tree, of course. Old-fashioned stockings hung on the mantel give it that homemade feel that comes from living in old country times. This is another place that one of your handmade signs would go great, along with the stockings and a fresh pine garland for that fresh cut tree smell. Along with the sign, stockings and garland, add some pillar candles as well. If you can find some in a scent that reminds you of a Christmas cottage, the more it will set the mood when you cozy up next to your fireplace with your loved ones.

#4. Plaid prints

Whether it’s red and black, white and black, or tartan plaid, no farmhouse is complete with the hints of this pattern throughout the house. Adding a plaid throw to hang off of an accent chair, couch, or ottoman can be the smallest touch, but necessary to perfect the look. Adding plaid to the bedrooms can also bring the holiday spirit into the rooms that don’t get as much Christmas attention. Adding plaid to the wreath hanging from your front door next to your wooden skis and sleigh can be just enough to accomplish the outdoor farmhouse look without going overboard.

#5. Pillows

Another way to transform your everyday living room into a Christmas wonderland is to switch out the pillows on your couch for Christmas themed ones. This is another area that you can use plaid, or you can use Christmas themed pillows with cute sayings or Christmas caricatures. Adding some to the couch, by the fireplace, on chairs, and even next to the Christmas tree can make a world of difference coming from such a small item. As for your outdoor setup, if you’ve got a bench by your front door or a set of chairs, try adding some small decorative pillows. Who knows, maybe they will persuade you to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate outside.

These small touches can make a big difference and are as budget friendly as you need them to be. Don’t be afraid to play with some ideas and see what you come up with by using these as your starting point for inspiration.

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