6 Benefits of Building a Smaller Home

Many interested property buyers make an immediate beeline for spacious lots. With a large parcel of land, future property owners are certain they won’t encounter any difficulties turning their dream house into a reality.

However, there is a lot to be said about narrow or small lots as well. If your budget will only allow you to buy a small plot of land, fear not; with the right narrow home design, you can still have your dream house and enjoy other benefits at the same time.

These benefits include:

#1. It is more affordable

In general, property buyers are recommended to allocate a maximum of 28 percent of their monthly income to housing expenses during and after construction. You can even lower this percentage by buying a smaller lot and having a small house built.

Aside from paying a lower initial outlay for the land and lower monthly fees for any loan you take out, once your home is completed, you will spend less on your energy bills as well. This is because less energy will be needed to illuminate, heat up, and cool down your narrow or small space.

#2. It is inexpensive to decorate

A large house needs many pieces of furniture, fixtures, decors and other appliances to be functional, comfortable, and warm. Because of this, you will end up spending a fortune on decorating your home alone.

But if you have a narrow or small house, decorating and redecorating or updating it will be relatively cheap. It will be easier to do so as well. You only need the basic furniture pieces and other decors to make your space your own and be more attractive.


#3. It is easier to maintain

Maintaining a large home is not only expensive; it can be exhausting too.

Property maintenance includes both indoor and outdoor repairs. It also requires regular upkeep to ensure your house looks good all the time. All these duties require a lot of time and effort. Even the process of inspecting your home and all its fixtures regularly can be time-consuming and tiring.

With tighter quarters, you will put less money, time, and energy into maintaining your home. This is because there is less space and fewer fixtures that require upkeep.

For instance, if your home needs a fresh coat of paint, think of all the money you will save on the necessary supplies. With a small space, you can even paint your home on your own and this project won’t take up a lot of your time.

#4. It is easy to clean as well

Cleaning your home daily is crucial to keeping a healthy, safe, and beautiful home. If you have a large home, you will spend hours every day cleaning every nook and cranny. You will have to dust, polish, and tidy up numerous furniture pieces and decors as well.

On the other hand, if you have a small home, you will spend lesser time vacuuming, sweeping, wiping, and doing all the usual cleaning chores. With smaller rooms and fewer fixtures and features to clean, going through your daily and weekly chores will be a breeze.

Moreover, you will also avoid spending a fortune on cleaning supplies.


#5. It is less likely to be cluttered

In general, people who have a spacious home feel that they have a need to fill every space with furniture, art pieces, and other items. This is something that you won’t feel if you have a narrow or small home. With a smaller living space, you will always think carefully about where you will put your new purchase and if it will fit in a room.

And since space is a prime commodity in your home, you will always be motivated to organize and declutter it. If you don’t, you won’t have anywhere to place your new purchases or even to move around comfortably.

#6. It is eco-friendly

Lastly, small, narrow living quarters use fewer materials during construction. Additionally, they require less gas and electricity to heat or cool. Smaller homes often use less water as well because they have fewer bathrooms and toilets.

Because of these, a small home is more energy-efficient and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

If you’re investing in a small or narrow lot, you don’t have to worry that you won’t get to have to your dream home. With the right house plan and builder, you will be able to maximize the space you have and still have the perfect house.

About the authorBen White is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Danmar Homes. He has had a passion for home construction from an early age as he grew up in construction and followed in the footsteps of his parents. At Danmar, we believe in building great homes of value for families that want to build an asset and their financial future through housing and developments.

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