A Guide to Gas Log Heaters and How to Choose One

Without any doubt, nothing provides more relief and comfort than a roaring fire on a chilled winter night. The warmth and soothing effect provided by a fireplace is something that most of us desire. However, not everyone can burn woods in their house. Fortunately, such people can definitely enjoy the benefits offered by the gas log heaters. Gone are the days when having a wood fireplace was considered a common thing.

In the present time, wood based fireplace is no more considered as a fashionable thing. With the passage of time, more and more people are opting for gas powered fireplaces, and the reason behind it is the convenience offered by them. The modern version of fireplace is more realistic in nature and the change in the color of the flame is being liked by everyone. So, in case you are preparing yourself to buy a gas fireplace then go through the details mentioned below. It will provide plenty of useful information.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Gas Log Heaters

As a matter of fact, there are three types of gas fireplaces, and the selection need to be based on the type of requirements you have. Below are the details-

  • Inserts- This type of glass log stoves is for those who wish to go for wood based fireplace but having higher efficiency; which certainly a gas based fireplace can provide. These fireboxes are more convenient and the installation process is also quite simple. It is important to mention that inserts are more apt for places that already have a fireplace.
  • Built-ins- This category of gas based fireplace is for houses that do not have one. The reliability of built-ins is very much popular, and when it comes to efficiency, you can definitely trust them. Based on the radiant technique, this kind of gas log stoves offer warmth in an evenly way.
  • Log sets- This kind of gas fireplace comes with normal burners and therefore they are more apt for open fireplaces. It would not be wrong to say that the log sets are liked more for their attractive looks rather than their heating functionality. You can choose from two variants in terms of venting the fumes of the flames; which can be either outside the house or inside with the help of an exhaust.

So, those were some of the features of three types of gas fireplaces. But the question is- how to pick the most apt option among them? When choosing a gas fireplace, you need to consider few factors, such as- your budget, installation cost, maintenance cost, propane or natural gas, and heat output.

First of all, you need to determine the budget; the amount of money you can spend on the fireplace. But, you must also include the cost of installation. Some gas fireplaces are easy on maintenance, and they just need some regular cleaning. So, you need to give more preference to such fireplaces. When compared to propane, natural gas is five percent more efficient. Natural gas is able to produce more amount of heat. In addition, the cost of natural gas is lower in comparison to that of propane. Hence, you know which one to choose.

The heat output capacity of fireplaces is measured in Btus. When you deal with the suppliers, you must ask them about the Btus value of the gas log heaters you have in mind. Make a comparison between the above mentioned factors and then only come down to a decision. In addition, you also must check the guarantee or warranty period on the gas heaters.

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