What Are the Benefits of Using Bluestone Pavers and Tiles

Bluestone is popularly used for outdoor paving purposes. These are natural stones that are mainly used in commercial and residential areas. They are not just aesthetically elegant but are also extremely durable. Bluestones are also available in several shapes and styles and thus are versatile in nature. More and more people are opting for this paving material everywhere in different kinds of construction purposes because of the following primary benefits of bluestone pavers and tiles.

5 benefits of bluestone pavers and tiles:

#1. Density of the material:

Bluestone is a material with a high density. Therefore it is beneficial to use bluestone pavers and tiles for construction purposes as they are naturally capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions. Because of this they are widely used in the exteriors. This material also gives sufficient protection against freeze and thaw incidents during the winter as it is very tough and hardy. Moreover, they can be installed easily since characteristically it is the flattest stone in the world.


#2. Safety criteria:

Bluestone comes with grit finish which means it prevents people from slipping which is particularly beneficial since it is used mostly outside. Therefore bluestone pavers and tiles with its natural rough exterior are a great choice for installing it around swimming pools and also for various indoor flooring works. It becomes even more effective and safe when it is sealed. Some seals come with a gloss but that does not negatively impact the rough texture of the bluestone. The natural cleft bluestone is best recommended as they are the ideal for paving and tiles.

#3. Flexibility of materials:

Due to their texture and durability, bluestone pavers and tiles can be used in several ways in construction. Although best suited to be used outside they come in several unique shapes and sizes and thus can be used practically anywhere in a house as well as commercial areas. The best areas to use bluestone pavers are – walkways, backyard, sidewalks, garden paths, stepping stones and more.

bluestone tiles

#4. Aesthetically enhanced:

Bluestone pavers and tiles are extremely beautiful and completely transform the beauty of a place when installed. Since they are natural stones they come in different colors and shapes. Moreover, since it is quarried, the color of the stone depends on the depth from which it is quarried. Therefore, the colors will be more unique and rich if the stone is quarried much deeper. They are available in colors like blue, yellow, grey, purple, green and more. The charm and aesthetics of bluestone pavers make them an attractive and luxurious option for home decor.

#5. Budget friendly:

Despite having so many usages and varieties, bluestone pavers and tiles are very cheap and quite cost effective when it comes to construction expenses. Therefore you can get sophisticated and aesthetic looks without burning a hole in your pocket. Since bluestone is so durable and long lasting it is a great investment for your home or any other construction work. It not only saves money but also time since it can be installed so easily and has very low maintenance associated with it.

As bluestones are very porous they retain water which can cause damage in the long run. Therefore always get the bluestone pavers and tiles sealed which will keep their beauty intact and prevent stains, scratches, dirt and so on. Seals will also add that extra gloss finish which natural stones lack and that will add to the fancy appearance of bluestone installations. Bluestone is highly recommended for anyone who wants a gorgeous look at a reasonable price point.

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