A Complete Buying Guide for Split System Air Conditioning

As summers are getting hotter day by day, split system air conditioner gains more demand from all fronts. It is becoming the most essential home appliance presently in hotter countries mostly. As per the area of the room and your needs, there are various sorts of split AC available in the market in various price ranges. Besides, most of the split system air conditioning units available today are energy efficient. You will find so many options in split AC that you will be left dumbfounded.

Benefits of split system air conditioning

The type of air conditioner offers a lot many advantages above the central ac unit which are:

  1. The ductless split air conditioner reduces the cost of cooling to a great extent.
  2. The user has the freedom to cool individual rooms with the split AC much unlike central air conditioning units.
  3. Here the compressor of the air conditioner stays outside the area while the cooling part or the evaporator stays inside the house. Split AC in the current times is a fabulous alternative to central air conditioner.
  4. The installation of split system air conditioning is far easier than central AC.
  5. They are easy to install and maintain.

How to buy split AC:

Here are the steps to buying a split system air conditioner for your home:

What is your budget?

Before you shop for any of the items, it is important to determine your budget. The price of the air conditioner will be set on the basis of the features and specifications of the unit. The unit which has more and more features and that which offers you more freedom and ease in usage will be priced higher. So, ultimately, it is the size of the unit, the compressor and the features of the unit that determines the price. As you may get confused with the wide range of products, set your budget first.

Know the types of split AC available

Yes! There are various kinds of split system air conditioners work. The following are the types:


  • Wall mounted AC is a popular option in split AC where the indoor unit stays in the room whereas duct is not usually concealed. The wall mounted AC is best meant for smaller rooms as uniform cooling is required.
  • Tower split AC is floor mounted vertical AC which is best for places where you can’t use wall mounted AC. But, the cost of floor mounted air conditioner is more than the wall mounted split ACs.
  • If you want something aesthetically appealing, you may choose ceiling-mounted air conditioner resembling the cassette AC. Since the unit is hidden or is concealed, it looks beautiful even on the false ceiling. This is the most expensive split AC.
  • Multi-split AC is a versatile unit whereby multiple ACs is connected to the outdoor unit. You may either use indoor unit individually or use them together. If you need multiple ACs in your indoor space, then you may go for multi-split AC. This AC may save a lot of space on installation. You may either use it simultaneously or individually. Its design is more compact and one enjoys independent control. It saves money on the running cost and is an economical option.

Have a look at the cooling capacity

Choose the split AC as per the cooling capacity. The choice of cooling capacity is again dependent on the total square feet space which needs to be cooled. If more people are using the space, then look for the split AC with more cooling capacity.

Energy efficiency

Don’t forget to check the energy efficient rating. The more the rating, better it is. Have a look at the body, the compressor, the filter, it’s various features and then make purchases.

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