Different Driveways That You Can Choose From

If you want your property to stand out of the averages in your area installing an aesthetically pleasing driveway can be an addition you may consider. Moreover, different driveways made from different materials provide different looks and you can choose a material that matches the exterior look of your house. You can also decorate the driveway in many ways. There are multiple driveway options that are available, and you can choose from the one that suits your need and budget.

The materials that are used to build driveways also consist of different properties. They have their own advantages. And for doing so you have to know about different materials and their properties. Here in this article, you will get all the information about different driveway options and their material properties.

10 Driveway Styles To Consider For Your Property

1. Concrete Driveways: Concrete driveway is the most common type of driveway. Concrete is a hard material that is very difficult to break so it lasts long and doesn’t need much maintenance. It is an affordable driveway option too. For all these reasons concrete driveway is the most popular driveway option. Concrete driveways need proper maintenance, and you can hire the concreters to apply layers of concrete during the summer months. This makes the concrete dry up easily.

2. Brick Driveways: This is long-lasting and needs low maintenance. Most interestingly, if one or some brinks are damaged you can change those bricks only. It is harsh weather resistant and looks very much classy and appealing. Brick is tough, it does not melt or have reaction like pitch or tar, and you can use brick in several additional constructions related to the driveway.

3. Paver Driveways: It is another good choice for driveways. Pavers are affordable and require low maintenance. You can get so many different quality and styles of materials in pavers and can choose as per your preference. Pavers also have a long lifespan. Choose colorful pavers that weigh less, and that give a decent look to the driveway.

4. Gravel Driveways: Gravels are demanded their low-cost property and look. It might be the cheapest but good-quality driveway material that has water permeability. Gravel requires a bit of regular maintenance. However, installing a gravel driveway in front of your house will increase its value. Gravel walkways also look good, and gravel also has better water retention capacity.

5. Asphalt Driveways: Asphalt provides a great look to your driveway at an affordable price. It is the best driveway option for the cold climatic region for its cold resistance property. Moreover, after installing it once you can easily increase the lifespan of your asphalt driveway by resealing or repairing it.

6. Crushed Stone Driveways: Another cheap but good option for driveway is crushed stone. It comes with different color variations that you can choose as per your preference and this driveway looks great and different from all other driveways.

7. Basalt Driveways: Basalt is another popular option for driveways. Basalt driveways need a little maintenance, and they can withstand any kind of weather. It is also a strong option for driveways and for these reasons so many households prefer basalt as a driveway material.

8. Cobblestone Driveways: Cobblestone is a favorite driveway option for many households. It looks nice and you can also get a different variety of it. With minimum maintenance cobblestone driveways last for long years.

9. Turf Driveways: This is a combination of different driveway options with grass. You can install pavers or concrete driveway or block driveway and in between, you can decorate it with grass lines that make the whole exterior so appealing.

10. Tar and Chip Driveways: This are another driveway option that has a bit complicated installation process but after finishing looks nice. It is installed in layers with the materials such as gravel, liquid and hot bitumen asphalt, and loose stone and has high durability.


These are all the driveway options that are very much popular and demanded by homeowners. However, before choosing any of them you must consider the look of your house exterior and choose the one that will match the exterior. Also, hire an experienced and skillful professional for the installation to get a great result.

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