Do You Really Need a Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen splashback are stylish to traditional kitchen wall tiles but most of us ask, do we really need to even install one? Splashbacks are very functional. If you are deciding if you should have one or not, then keep on reading so we can help you understand the importance of having one behind your stove top/hobbs and behind your sink.

Window behind your kitchen sink

Splashback is recommended if your window is behind your kitchen sink. Any type of splashback will do as it will inhibit water from to spoil or disfigure your walls. You just have to wipe off the water from the splashback to keep it clean. It is better to have this than tiles. Tiles in the long run can stain and can result to grout, which would be hard to maintain. A splashback is a smooth and easily cleaned surface.

Modern Kitchen with Violet Splashback

Depending how high your windows are

If you notice, most modern home have bifold windows on their kitchen that open up to the patio. If you have one, you already know the benefits of having your kitchen connected with your patio. However, the window must be level or almost level with your benchtop so the passing of food and drinks through the window are easier. This kind of setting doesn’t need a splashback under the window anymore, but it should lie adjacent against the window at the sides to give your kitchen a more completely flawless finished look.

You have two options if your windows are placed high on the wall. You can either install a full height splashback or you can tweak it a little by positioning it at an elevation that still catches splashes from your sink or cooktop. This latter part will create a beautiful feature that of a shiny and vibrant coloured splashback combined with the wall paint in your kitchen.

More than one window

Almost modern kitchens have more than one window. You can have splashbacks on both windows can allow the kitchen to have a unified look. Also, you can use paint around a window that won’t reach splashes from the water from your sink or grease from your cooktop. You have these options, so decide which you think is best.

Windows sills

Commonly, kitchen windows have window sills. To make the cleaning of sill to be effortless, install your splashback on the horizontal window sill. If your windows and splashback have contrasting colors, you will notice in the end that the appearance will look great.


Why do i need a splashback?

It really depends what you think is best for your kitchen and home but splashbacks are important to keep your walls and other elements in your kitchen from moisture and heat, oils and cooking residue. Splashbacks are also great accents in your kitchen, bringing some texture, contrast and colors, and life for the overall look. There are many varieties you can choose from such as tiles, glass, stones, marble, granite, laminate, and so on. However, installing splashback by yourself is not recommended unless you have experience in doing so.

About the Author: Ivandrea Ollero is a resident writer for Plasman UK kitchen and bathroom surfaces distributor. Ivandrea writes tips and guides for homeowners who want to improve the tone of their kitchen and bathroom. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication minor in Broadcast Journalism.

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