Easy Curtain Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Windows, like people, are eyesores when bare. Thus, we use curtains. However, it’s not enough that we drape our windows, as there are many things you should consider. For example, if carpet cleaning in Geelong, Australia or anywhere else in the world is a must, then it’s only right for curtains to be clean as well.

In addition, just like how there should be a sense of aesthetics in dressing up, the same is also true with putting on curtains, especially the living room, as it’s where you spend a lot of time and receive your visitors in. However, anything that involves art can get quite tricky. So if you think you’re not good at either choosing or styling your curtains, then don’t fret; here are a few tips to make sure that your curtains are pleasing to you and your visitors’ eyes.

From the window to the table

If you want a brand-new curtain without spending a single dime, then you can turn one of the tablecloths you no longer use into a curtain. As long as the tablecloth is clean and doesn’t have any permanent food stains, then it can have a new lease on life on your windows.

There are many tutorials on Youtube if you want or learn how. Follow them step-by-step so you can have a tablecloth that not just passes up as a curtain, but has actually become one.

Keeping the valance

A drape on either or both sides of a window can either be simplistically elegant or over simply boring. If you can’t shake off the feeling that your current setup is the latter, then you should have valances, a short piece of curtain at the top of your window.

Aside from being able to give your windows a bit more of that classic and elegant look and feel, it also helps in blocking sunlight. And if you think a straight-edged valance is still lackluster, you should go for scalloped valances, which has curved edges.

Stripes, not solid

While an uncommon sight and a hit-or-miss affair, striped curtains can give your home a sense of individuality and color. Preferably, go for ones whose strips are laid out vertically, as they go along the curtain’s length, making each stripe seem to naturally flow. Horizontal stripes, however, work very well with paneled windows.

Print and proper

Another great curtain idea that is different but can easily match well with your home would be printed curtains. Depending on your choice, the interesting patters can easily blend with your living room’s theme. Either you find one that does, or you make one.

Power of two

If striped curtains are too much for you but a single-toned one feels a bit too boring, a two-toned curtain is the way to go.

Your two-toned curtain shouldn’t have its colors split in the middle; one color should take up more length than the other in order to maintain the curtain’s sense of continuity without erasing the complementing of the colors.

Remember denim

You can do a lot of things with the denim pants you no longer use. Turn them into shorts, rags, sell them, tear holes in them so they can look cool – or make them your curtains. The shades of blue of the material are perfect for cool and comfy environment, and its opacity make it a good choice for those who don’t want a very bright living room.

There are many guides online on how you can turn your old pants into curtains, and there is no one way how this can be done. It’s up to you which style fits your tastes and your home’s atmosphere.

Put on a pelmet

While not exactly a curtain or a part of it, a pelmet – a kind of framework put above a window in order to conceal fixtures involving the curtains – enhances how your curtains look. In addition, it also hides the not-so-appealing curtain rods.

Depending on your preference, you can either paint it or hide it underneath a valance. Also, you can choose the design the pelmet – preferably one that matches how the curtain looks.

Whatever your preference in curtains may be, you’ll certainly agree that it’s not just enough to have them, as they have to meld well with your home. Thankfully, with these tips, they will.

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