Everything about Security Doors and Its Types

A security door is a necessity nowadays. Thanks to technology, we now have additional features added to the security doors, thus making them function better. It has become a necessity nowadays that helps in securing our homes more efficiently. Security and safety of the house is the utmost concern for us, and hence adding a security door becomes vital.

What are Security Doors?

Before going through types and details of security doors, let us know the basics of it. It would make it easy for one to distinguish among different security doors available in the market. They make the security door with metals most popularly made of steel and aluminium. The most crucial factor of the security door is the ’’security lock’’, it comes with multi-lock too that provide double protection and are almost impossible to break-in. 

Advantages of Security Doors: 

  • Act as an excellent barrier as they make them of robust frames
  • Impossible to get smashed
  • No high maintenance
  • Last for many years 

Types of Security Doors: 

  • Decorative Grill Doors: These doors are best for the people who love fancy things but also want security. Decorative doors can be customised according to one’s wish; there is a wide variety of shapes and styles available to choose from.
  • Stainless Steel Doors: These are considered the best doors because they last for a long time. The initial cost requires a large investment but is an excellent choice for everyone. They make stainless steel doors of heavy-duty steel that is sturdy, tough and sealed hinges. The security lock requires a 3 point locking system that gives the maximum security.
  • Standard Diamond Grill Doors:  Suggested by the name these types of grill doors have small holes in the diamond shape. If you are very much concerned about the security of your building, then standard diamond grille doors are the best option.
  • Cast Iron Doors: These are the most massive security doors; the only thing is they need reinforcing of frame from time to time. It has a double layer of aluminium frame outside and cast iron inside.
  • Button System: This security door is the most popular because of its simplicity of the work. They attach the security system to the handle of the door; anyone who wants to get in has to put a numeric pass code. Only then one will enter the home.
  • Trellis Security Door:  These doors are trendy in household and hotels. This kind of system needs a swipe of movement to unlock. They can be further locked using bolt or security key, so if you wish to install a trellis security door it would be best to install it outside that is at the main entrance/ door of your house.
  • Roll-up Security Door:  These types of doors are found in commercial areas or garages where an automated kind of door is required. They are made of heavy, durable material but are easy to operate. It can be closed or open automatically and manually according to your specifications.
  • Phone Entry Security Doors:  It is the unique way of security lock just like a CCTV. When you need to enter, assign a code word that will disable the security lock, you don’t need someone to watch over the CCTV camera every second. Also, it is much cheaper than CCTV installation and more effective than it. It requires a simple voice ID and a code to open the security lock.


Security doors ensure complete security of your loved ones. No one knows who is going to barge in your house at which time, so investing in the security doors is the wise decision for you and your family.

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