Top 8 Interior Home Decor Trends for 2018

Last year, homes were filled with entirely tropical jungle prints, vivacious flamingo, and everything metallic. If you are the type of person who likes to keep your home updated with today’s trends, there’s plenty to look forward to this year. Keep on reading so you can have a round-up of the top home decor trends that can help you stay ahead of the game in 2018.

Bolder and richer shades

Rich pigments will stand out this 2018! Grey is still the neutral choice for many interiors but step out of your comfort zone and be bolder this year. Feel braver when it comes to color choices both on walls and furniture pieces. Deep violet and striking emerald green are the top key colors for 2018. These kinds of richer shades are perfect for spring/summer season and they even look amazing on furniture pieces.

home design
Home Design

Darker wood tones

We’re now moving on from the pale and bleached woods that were very popular from the recent years. Types of furnitures are set to be on the darker side. This year, darker woods are used for reviving retro beauty and give a new take on contemporary luxe. Opt for metallic handles and legs for chairs and furnitures, this will add a more glamorous appearance. For a state of the art feel, go for a blend of gold, brass, walnut, black and marble on decors and pieces. Designs from the past such as retro shapes for the dining rooms shows a modern style for your home.

Beautiful colors and patterns

For interior trends, earth shades with global-inspired prints are perfect for this season. You can combine shades of clay, terracotta, and ochre features for prints. The patterns and materials are very natural and raw for a more tactile finish.

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Handmade textures

Artisan textures will be massive this season. Types of furnitures with handmade texture from rattan and wicker are the lead to every display. Textiles play around with plenty of embellishment, different shapes and pattern, and raw edges. Don’t be afraid to explore in mixing textures with a various color palette. Doing this will easily create another layer of decoration and interest. You can go for wall hangings with different looks made from macramé for an instant touch of high street.

Tropical prints

The tropical trend will be continuing its reign for 2018. You can add some plants in your bathroom alongside with palm leaf print design and accents. You can mix rich and energizing shades of green against darker furniture choices. If you plan to remodel your walls, opt for charcoal and navy walls then you can mix things up with green or any other alternative bold colors.

Metallic touches

Luxury metallic touches are not new anymore but it will still stay. Remove the copper and rose gold for the metallic touch and go for brass this time. If you don’t know, brass is the most advanced and organic from the metallic color palette. It’s great to add some brass furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories if your room has big pieces of soft pink and emerald green. This kind of blending with greatly accentuate the brass and gold tones excellently.


The demand for marble designs and decors are getting a big increase compared to the past years. And to prove that, Pinterest has reported that more people are searching for green marble since the beginning of the year on their site. You can choose lamps, bed linen, or wallpaper that has a marble effect finish. If your bed sheets have a pale color schemes, marble cushions can add life to your room.


Fringe bags are now seen in fashion shows and not this fun new trend may not be mainstream yet for home decors, but it’s on its way. You can be ahead of the crowds if you would add this trend to your home.

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