How To Dry Clean Carpets

Sometimes it is not enough to simply slam the rugs to remove the dirt. Here are some tips on how to dry clean carpets at home using natural and cheap products and dry sprays.

I know, none of us like cleaning carpets in the house, but someone has to do it! Advice on how to dry clean carpets is therefore necessary.

The carpets are perfect for your home to give it a touch of colour and elegance, managing to give harmony to spaces or simply to give comfort to your homes. They are often designed and used for the little ones of the house so that they can sit on a warm carpet instead of on the cold floor. However, no matter how beautiful or functional the rugs are, they lay flat on the floor. On the same you walk with shoes, slippers, pets walk on it, therefore, inevitably they are the hotbed of mites, dirt etc.

Sometimes, it is not enough to bang them, but it is necessary to act with other agents, especially when they get stained. To avoid the abuse of too aggressive and unsuitable chemical agents, dry cleaning is recommended for some types of carpet. Dry cleaning can also be done at home without having to use the laundry, thus optimizing costs.

Carpets: what are dry cleaning and the products and tools to use

Dry cleaning carpets allows you to not only fight dirt but also eliminate stains and odours. The aim is to get rugs as clean and shiny as they have just purchased.

Choosing a dry cleaning has several practical and social reasons. Opting for non-chemical products allows you to preserve the fabric of the carpets, which due to aggressive washing could wear out or lose colour. Also, using natural methods, called grandmother’s, allow to reduce the dispersion of harmful chemicals in the environment.

Finally, the economic aspect must also be evaluated. Taking advantage of dry cleaning at home implies a lower economic expenditure: products usually used for the kitchen and low cost are used.

To dry clean the carpets in the house must obtain the right equipment. You can decide between dry detergents sold on the market for washing carpets or natural products used for domestic use.

Products for dry cleaning carpets

Among the non-chemical products, we find sodium bicarbonate known for its detergent qualities, capable of absorbing stains and eliminating bad smells or coarse salt and vinegar, among the products on the market dry sprays.

To clean a carpet, it is useful to have a series of tools: either a vacuum cleaner or the classic broom and dustpan or maybe a small brush to sweep the carpet more meticulously.

Clean carpets with baking soda

Anyone who has recently purchased a carpet should opt for dry cleaning if they want to keep it intact.

An excellent natural remedy to eliminate bad smells and dirt from the carpet is to obtain baking soda powder. Used both in the kitchen for cleaning food and for laundry. Its qualities make it functional for the dry cleaning of carpets, as a product standard suitable for any carpet.

How to use baking soda on carpets

The methods of use are simple and fast. The baking soda should be spread all over the carpet, and not exclusively on the stains. Once you have sprinkled a layer of homogeneous bicarbonate, it must be left on for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the bicarbonate layer removed with the vacuum cleaner, which absorbs the bicarbonate from the entire surface of the carpet.

The baking soda will eliminate stains and bad smells from the carpet, giving it new life and reviving its colour. The ideal is to combine the baking soda with a few drops of essential oil to leave the carpet pleasantly scented.

Clean the carpets with coarse salt and vinegar

A remedy handed down by grandmothers to clean carpets at home without the aid of detergents or water is a mixture of coarse salt and vinegar. With this mixture, you get a paste that when mixed will give life to a natural detergent and stain remover.

How to use coarse salt and vinegar on carpets

On the stain, the paste must be left on to penetrate the dirt and remove it. Once the set time has elapsed, the paste can be removed with a soft cloth. As if by magic, the stain, thanks to the corrosive action of salt and vinegar, will disappear and, in addition, excess bacteria and dirt will be eliminated. The carpet will be clean, stained and shiny.

Dry cleaning carpets: foam cleaners

On the other hand, those who prefer the use of industrial dry detergents can use dry foam to dry clean their carpet at home. These foams, also used to remove stains from clothes, are used in restaurants and can be used to eliminate unsightly stains on carpets. Think of the dog that has relieved himself on the carpet or of the oil or other condiment stains that have fallen inappropriately.

If you choose a dry foam you will need to pay particular attention to the instructions on the foam; this is because it is possible to come across products that are not suitable for any carpet or stain. To avoid therefore ruining the carpet, you should carefully read the instructions and label.

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