Interior Design: What is it and Why Should I Think about it

Creating the perfect space inside your home makes all the difference to your daily life. Having everything beautifully situated and easy to use can make time at home calm, relaxed and enjoyable. Designing each room can be tricky, especially if you have awkward areas to manage or you simply don’t have the time to spend on the project. Bespoke interior design could be the solution. Having experts show you new ideas and offering advice will help overcome challenges. The result will be everything you dreamed of.

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What is bespoke interior design?

Bespoke is a term used for any item that has been created to a client’s individual specifications. It is not pre-made in any way, and this means a customer can have the product made to suit their own unique ideas or tastes. You can have bespoke suits, bespoke entertainment systems and, of course, bespoke furniture designed exclusively for you. Each item is a one-off, made individually with only the client in mind.

Bespoke interiors are made for the customer and their lifestyle. The style used will be to the client’s individual taste or theme. Favoured eras, schemes or palettes can be incorporated skillfully by a good designer. Bespoke furniture is made from scratch, and so you can choose the material, colour, dimensions and functionality of the piece. This is especially useful when there are difficult corners, angles or areas that need to be worked around. Bespoke furniture can be made for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and study – really any room in a home could have this special, individual touch. Having the furniture made will enable it to fit perfectly and blend in seamlessly.

Bespoke Interior Design

Is bespoke furniture more expensive?

As the piece will be designed and created as an individual project, the cost will be more than an item that has been massed produced. But the extra expense is worth it in the long term. Bespoke furniture will be made to last and will be of a much higher quality. Doors, hinges and handles are expertly fitted so they can take the knocks of everyday use. These items will fit perfectly and look beautiful so the joy they bring is worth every penny. When an off-the-peg item doesn’t quite fit your needs, there is a desire to change it, so you can end up buying furniture more than once to try and overcome any problems. With bespoke, you purchase it once and love it forever.

How to buy bespoke furniture?

Whether you are having one item made, or you are looking to have your entire home re-designed, you will need to choose a company you trust. Using a recommendation is always the best but look at past projects they have undertaken to get an idea of their workmanship and style. You will have an initial meeting with your selected designer when you will discuss your requirements. At this stage, you should also be open to helpful ideas and suggestions as part of the consultation. During a bespoke service, getting advice and creative solutions from experts who have years of experience is very helpful. There will be things you hadn’t thought of that would make a design more functional or better looking – great items are as practical as they are beautiful. Once you have agreed on exactly what you want, you should then receive an idea of costs and timescale. You should be totally happy with the designs before they go ahead.

Bespoke Furniture

What are the benefits of bespoke furniture?

Buying bespoke means there are no compromises. Ordering items that are available ready-made from a showroom will mean that the size, shape, material and finish have already been decided by someone who is designing for the masses. A lot of the time there will be something about the item that just isn’t quite right for your needs. With bespoke, you can have it made exactly how you want it. One of the best benefits is that you can maximise your space by having furniture made to fit exactly in the space. It can be designed to be a non-standard height to suit you, so furniture can be deeper than usual or taller than the norm, or a little lower than regular. There are few limitations to consider with bespoke so think about all the parts. Fittings can be added to match existing features, so any knobs, handles and hinges can blend in. Little details can be incorporated to make it more beautiful so ask about edging, trims and inlays. And don’t forget the insides. Think about shelving, drawers, rails and hooks – you can have these positioned to suit you and to give you the most convenient use. Let your imagination run free and have something really special created.

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