Let’s Bid Bed Bugs Bye From Second Hand Furniture

Ever had sleepless nights because of bed bug bites? How often did you get up in the middle of sleepy nights to hunt these creatures down? Bed bugs are tiny creatures that spoil your sleep and lavishly suck your bed. What’s more? They let you spend the rest of the night scratching the bitten areas. With all these nightmares, you have now brought home a second hand furniture. What will you do now? Here are some tips to keep these bugs away.

Checking for an infestation to avoid bed bug bites:

Before getting into a conclusion of saying that your furniture is free from bed bugs, you need to have a thorough check to see if they are hiding in your furniture. These are the things you need to know

  1. Bed bugs are hard to be seen and only come out when the room is dark.
  2. They leave behind an odor. If you can sense the smell, be sure that you are sharing your bed with bed bugs.
  3. Keenly check your furniture edges for any signs of bed bug eggshells and excretion.
  4. The pillows and mattress you use will have your bloodstains du to bed bug bites.
  5. Turn lights on in the middle of the night and see if these tiny creatures are running away into their hideouts.

Bed bug control methods

To caste away bed bugs, most of the people spray highly toxic chemicals on the furniture in their rooms. These have a bad odor and can even be hazardous to you. Chemicals in the sprays are unsafe for mothers, pets, and children. Natural bed bug repellents must be preferred to prevent the dangers caused by these chemicals and bed bugs too. Here are some DIYs to control bed bugs

  1. Wash all the bedspreads and the covering of the furniture.
  2. Keep the room and the furniture clean.
  3. Seal the broken places and holes in the furniture so that the bugs don’t get space and you stay away from bed bug bites.
  4. Use a steam cleaner along with a vacuum cleaner. Clean with these appliances several times a week.
  5. Use bed bug peppermint spray or natural bed bug repellents from MDX Concepts which are not toxic and yet effective.

Advantages of non-toxic bed bug control sprays:

  1. Stain-free – The naturally derived bug repellents are strain-free bed bugs spray that does not leave behind any mark when sprayed over the mattresses, walls, and wood.
  2. Non-toxic – Unlike the chemical sprays that are filled with poisonous chemicals, the naturally obtained sprays are harmless and do not have any side-effects on humans and pets at home.
  3. Pleasant fragrance – Peppermint bed bug spray, Lavender bed bug spray, and other sprays are made out of fragrant ingredients. With these kinds of sprays, you will have a pleasant fragrance lingering in your home.
  4. Effective – Nature is the best medicine and so are its derivatives. The bug spray which is derived naturally is very effective and helps you bid a permanent goodbye to the little bloodsuckers.
  5. No allergic reactions – The furniture we sit or sleep on gets in touch with our skin. With the natural bed bug spray leaves no signs of allergic rashes on the human skin. You can spray and get rid of bedbugs without having a second thought on how it would react on your skin.

How to use natural bed bug repellent spray?

Using the natural form of bed bug repellent spray is very simple. All that you need to do is to follow these simple steps and you will win the battle that you have with bed bugs.

  1. Take off all the spreads, coverings and sheets from the furniture.
  2. Clean the furniture well. Dust it and keep it clean.
  3. Spray the non-toxic bed bug spray all over the furniture. Do not miss out on the small enclosures, holes, and cracks in it. This can be a hideout of a hundred bed bugs.
  4. Wash off the old mattresses and replace them on the furniture with clean ones.
  5. Keep doing this for several times a week until you do not find any signs of bed bugs in your home.

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