Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom

Nothing improves the environment of a bathroom quite like live plants. Beautiful, natural and able to freshen the air, plants are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial. So, if you’re looking to give your bathroom a boost, you can’t go wrong with a little greenery — especially when you choose a plant that is well-suited to the bathroom environment. The key is to avoid plants such as succulents, which do best in dry conditions, and opt instead for those that thrive in warmth, humidity and low light. Read More “Plants That Thrive In The Bathroom”

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Ways to Make your Vanity Area Flashy & Organized with Glass Cabinets

Bathroom spaces in the modern era should be decorated using different materials such as glass and mirrors. Small apartments may have limited bathroom space which makes it challenging to add additional accessories and furniture. Organizing the bathroom in a small apartment makes it look neat and comfortable. An overly congested bathroom can look unattractive and boring. A monotonous bathroom space can lower the value of the bathroom especially if you are an investor looking forward to seeing a house.
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Important Tips to Create the Perfect Shower Space

Modern homes are now adding value to their bathroom by installing a wet room. Wet rooms are basically shower rooms that do away with the shower screen and tray. It has an open and fully tiled shower area. Anyone can have a wet room and it’s actually recommended for smaller bathrooms to prevent everything from getting wet and sprayed.

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Make Your Bathroom Beautiful with Shower Screens

Shower screens are exclusively used as a decorative element in interior style décor in bathrooms. It modifies the functional factor and makes your bathroom look modern. Shower screens are both available in framed as well as frameless glass. You incorporate your shower screen by choosing a clear or decorative glass and accordingly it can make your bathroom match up to the contemporary style of living.

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