Things to Know About River Rocks and Uses of It

The river rocks are a fragment of rock with a smooth, rounded appearance. River rocks are heavily used by homeowners and builders to construct beautiful waterfalls and ponds around. IF you have a garden outside your home then you can think of installing river rocks because people in Australia heavily used river rocks in their gardens. Some people also use them to construct borders in the gardens. The river rocks are erosion products that are transported by rivers by friction with the other fragments and especially with the sand contained in the water, the rocks become smooth. They gradually take on a rounded shape.  You can get any type and sizes of river rocks as per your requirements.

Description of river rocks:

  • The river rocks are basically abrasion generated by sand and silt carried by water (runoff, backflow, marine movements, etc.) on boulders can generate the river rocks.
  • Even river rocks that do not roll become round and smooth, as everyone can easily notice near the source of the rivers. They accumulate in the beds of streams and deltas.
  • There are also river rocks, formed of fragments of rocks tossed by currents and waves, thus undergoing wear similar to that of river pebbles. These river rocks are found on beaches, often mixed with river pebbles.


Uses of river rocks:

  • The river rocks are generally used in construction to make plasters and pavements. Their flat edges are very useful for stacking material and their adhesion to concrete or cement makes them very useful.
  • The river rocks were used as a preferred weapon by the slingers.
  • The river rocks have also been part of the children’s recreational activity since antiquity. “Making soups or waves” is one of the most popular games, which consist of throwing and sliding a flat pebble liquid surface. The surface tension of the water prevents them from sinking for a few seconds. This technique of rebounding in the water was used by Allied bombers to drop bombs on some rivers and prey of the enemy during World War II.
  • The small river rocks, called Chinese or Charros, these a little bigger, were used in antiquity with profusion – the technique of cosmetics to realize artistic solos; circular, drawings and other geometric artistic effects. They can be found in many of the rural churches in northern Spain. Also in southern Spain was used by the Muslims of Granada and is known by the name of cobbled Grenadine. It is usually done with white pebbles in contrast to dark pebbles.
  • The river rocks are widely used in gardens for decorating purposes. In the modern society, everyone is bothered about decorating their gardens and they always try to find out the best thing to decorate the gardens but often the decorating items for the gardens are quite expensive and it is difficult for the common people to purchase them. Apart from that, there are many people present who prefer to make small gardens within their homes and for them, the river rocks are the best solutions for decoration. The river rocks are available in market at a very cheap amount and they are easily available as well. The garden supply stores have different types of river rocks.

It can be concluded that the garden rocks are very good decorative items for gardens and for other purposes as well. In modern times, the garden rocks are being used as decorative items for homes and gardens and they are available in many shapes and designs and they are generally available in the garden supply stores.

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