Useful Tips to Clean a Mattress at Home

According to statistical studies, a person spends about a third of his life on sleep. For this type of rest to be comfortable and beneficial to the body, it is necessary to equip the sleeping place and keep it clean. This article will show you how to clean your mattress at home.

  • How to clean a mattress from dust and dirt
  • How to clean a mattress from stains
  • How to remove blood stains from a mattress
  • How to remove tea and beverage stains from a mattress
  • How to remove yellow stains from a mattress
  • How to remove mould from a mattress
  • Cleaning mattresses from odours
  • What can not use to clean the mattress
  • How can contamination be prevented?

How to clean a mattress from dust and dirt

Dust is a breeding ground for dust mites. Insects are the causative agents of allergic reactions, which are more susceptible to children and the elderly. Therefore, you should regularly clean the mattress from dust and dirt.

If the mattress comes with a removable cover, the cleaning procedure is greatly simplified. The mattress topper should be removed, shaken out well and washed with the addition of powder or gel for delicate fabrics. The absence of an additional cover, the mattress should be covered with wrung-out cotton or linen cloth and knock out. After the dust particles settle on the canvas, be removed, and vacuumed and left to dry. Depending on the degree of surface contamination, cleaning carried out at least times per season.

How to clean a mattress from stains

To clean the mattress effectively, several rules must be followed:

  • Do not rub the stain;
  • Dosed use of water and detergents;
  • After wet cleaning, let the product dry. You can use a heater, hairdryer, or leave in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours.

Use soda ash to clean your mattress. For 1 litre of clean water, you need to take 0.5 teaspoons of soda. The resulting solution applied to the stain (it is advisable to do this with a cotton cloth in the direction from the edges to the centre). Wipe off excess moisture with a dry cloth or paper towel.

How to remove blood stains from a mattress

It is difficult to remove blood from textile surfaces, and therefore it is necessary to correctly approach cleaning. The most effective are the following methods:

How to remove tea and beverage stains from a mattress

The process of cleansing a mattress from tea and various drinks is a difficult task that even special means cannot always cope with. To remove dirt from the mattress, cover with soda, talcum powder or starch, leaving it for 3-5 hours (if the stain is old, then it must first be moistened with a small volume of water from a spray bottle). After – get rid of the excess with a vacuum cleaner and dry thoroughly.

The main thing is not to rub or soak the dirt with a rag or paper towels, as it will increase in size.

You can also get rid of the stain with glycerin.

  1. You need to mix it with ammonia in equal amounts.
  2. Apply the solution to the dirt, moving from the edges to the centre.
  3. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and then remove excess with a paper towel.
  4. If necessary, apply the ammonia-glycerin mixture 3-4 times until the spot disappears completely.

How to Remove Yellow Stains from a Mattress

Yellow sweat stains are the most common stains every housewife has encountered. Many housewives doubt whether it is possible to clean the mattress from obsolete stains with a steam cleaner. Definitely yes, because under the influence of high temperatures the upholstery of the mattress is disinfected and degreased. The device should be used in small areas, doing it quickly because prolonged heat treatment can damage the textile upholstery of the mattress.


How to remove mould from a Mattress

Mildew on the outer layers of the mattress is caused by increased humidity in the room. The only correct solution, in this case, is ultraviolet light.

To clean it from the fungus, it is enough to place the mattress in direct sunlight for 2-3 days. If the problem persists, buying a new mattress is the right solution.

What can not be used to clean the Mattress

It is not recommended to use detergents/cleaners with persistent chemical odours for cleaning mattresses. The textile surface has excellent absorbency and, if the vinegar/soap / essential oil in a minimum concentration can be removed by ventilation, cleaning with aggressive agents should be entrusted to clean agencies or sent to dry cleaning.

How can Contamination be Prevented?

To keep your mattress, clean longer, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Change bed linen 1-2 times a week.
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene, since sebum and sweat, after drying, form yellow spots on the surface.
  • The use of a mattress topper will help to reduce the amount of pollution.
  • 2-3 times a week, wet cleaning should be carried out, the bed frame should be washed, in which dust and small debris accumulate.
  • Regularly turn the mattress.

Mattress cleaning at home should be done very carefully, as an incorrectly selected method can lead to damage to the textile coating and deformation of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the recommendations for use from the manufacturer and take preventive measures.

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