What You Should Know About Ants

Ants are insects that are known all over the world, there is no place, they cannot get access to, and there are thousands of species of ants located on every continent on the planet, except for Antarctica.

Ants are social insects; they create colonies and work together. Ants are related to wasps and may likely share common ancestor millions of years ago. The ant colony works together to provide for the colony as a whole. Furthermore, each ant has a specific role, which makes the colony almost like one living organism with the individual ants like cells with a human body, tasked with performing a précised action.

Ant infestation

Ant infestations are common types of outbreaks disturbing the peace of homeowners in the United States. If ants invade your home, you can call the best professional pest control operators near you for effective treatment.

Brief history

Ants, as stated above, are social insects that come from the family of Formicidae, which is part of the order Hymenoptera. It means there are not only related to the wasps, but they also share a heritage with bees. Ants may have evolved from a similar wasp-ish ancestor more than 140 million years ago during the Cretaceous period of the planet’s history.

Furthermore, ants share similarities with bee and wasp because they all form social colonies where there is a queen, workers, scouts, and other specific roles for different members of the colony. However, it is possible for some of the ants to have wings and fly as they set out to locate a new place to start a colony during the early stages of a new nest.


Ants are all over the continents except Antarctica; they are also found in isolated islands like Iceland and Greenland due to colonies transported through international travel and shipping.


Ants, unlike mosquitoes, are easy to spot because of their bent antennae, they have a distinct body shape, which mostly includes a reasonably large head with mandibles (jaws) for chewing and carrying food and their segmented body. They have narrow waists and a larger hind end; the narrow waist has nods or bumps. Also, they have six legs.


Ants share a kind of “hive mind” in essence, they have been shown to think almost in unison with each other. Ants work together for the colony, protecting the territory, finding food, and feeding the young. In addition, some species of ant can work together to solve complex problems and find solutions to solve these problems.

Are they threat to us?

Ants are unmistakably nuisance to homeowners, but so far, they do not spread diseases, like mosquitoes, fleas, or tick. However, some species of ant sting and a few are known to bring health challenges to people that are stung or bitten by them. Ants are known to attack in groups especially when the colony is threatened. In addition, some species can cause damage to crops and wooden structures.

How to exterminate ants from your home or garden?

There are several DIY you can try to eliminate ants from your environment. You can make homemade remedies with things already in the kitchen, and you will not have to break the bank for it. Apart from being a nuisance to the society, there are a lot of things we can learn from ants; from their spirit of unity, to hard work, and well-organized colonies. Nonetheless, ants can be eliminated with homemade remedies such as apple cider vinegar, chalk, peppermint oil, lemon, coffee grounds, etc. insecticides, or call the best ant control operator near you.

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