A Few Things to Know About Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer

Lithofin stain stop is probably the best solution for removing the stains from the marbles or natural stones. Also from unglazed ceramics so that you don’t have to clean them day-in and day-out for maintenance purposes. You can use this product to clean the stains in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas which frequently come in contact with the water and the soil. Now you might be thinking what makes this product so different from the other options that are available in the market.

Well this product is a stain stop sealer offered by Lithofin contains high-quality water and oil-resistant components based on alkoxysilanes. The stain stop sealer of Lithofin works interestingly, the stain stops sealer sticks into the surface and it coats the capillaries, with an extremely thin, invisible film.

So, if you use the Lithofin stain stop sealer, then it will remove the stains that are left by the oil, water, or grease. If the surface can absorb the stain stop sealer more, then it will be more effective. If you are assuming that the stain stop sealer might affect the look or appearance of the natural stone, on which it is applied, then you might be wrong, because it doesn’t affect the appearance of the natural stone. If you are still having doubts regarding this product.

Here are a few things you should know which will clear all your doubts:

#1. Field of use

If you are looking to purchase the Lithofin stain stop sealer then you should know that it is used for protection against staining. Also, the stain stop sealer is utilized for the maintenance purpose of all the natural stones that are found in the households. As well as workspaces, that even comprises the marbles. Not only this, but you can use the stain stop sealer offered by Lithofin on the wall as well as the floor surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom. You can even use the stain stop sealer offered by Lithofin on the window sills, tabletops, and also on the other sensitive surfaces. The Lithofin’s stain stop sealer is perfectly suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. So you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes without any hesitation.

#2. A few tips to consider when using the Lithofin stain stop sealer

The first thing you need to do before using the Lithofin stain stop sealer is that you should prepare the floor or surface for sealing. The next thing you need to do is, determine the stone type and choose the right sealer to apply on the surfaces. It would be crucial for the surfaces with specific requirements. Once it is done, you should prepare the sealer as per the instructions which are given on the product, you should then test your sealer, and you must apply the sealer on the surface of the natural stones. You must make sure that you are cleaning the floors or surfaces of the natural stones for the maintenance purpose after applying the stain stop sealer

#3. Durability

The Lithofin stain stop sealer can last for up to 5 years on outdoor surfaces. If you are talking about the durability of the stain stop sealer indoors, then it depends on the type of care products. It is ideally suggested that you should use the stain stop sealer once a year for indoor maintenance purposes such as kitchen and bathroom.

The pointers mentioned above are a few things to know about the Lithofin stain stop sealer. Lithofin’s stain stop sealer is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you should follow the instructions for the directions of use before applying the stain stop sealer, and it is durable compared to other products.

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