How to Fix Blocked Drains at Home

A blocked drain is a menace because it leads to complications in reference with passing and water and doesn’t even mention that horrible smell that follows suit. And the worst thing is that most people don’t learn from their mistakes and start adapting methods that will not help them to prevent the blockage. What happens here is that you have to call plumbers and get the acute clogging and blockage fixed at heavy costs. So here are some simple ways to handle this problem at home-

Get the necessary hardware

Sure, you are not a professional plumber but there are basic home tools that are easily available for clearing blocked drains. These are not only essential for all homes but is also highly suggested so that you are able to get rid of acute clogging. For example, there is the plunger which helps in fishing out any solid material or particle that could have entered the drain. Then there is the suction rubber that helps to suck out these clogged particles too. All you need is a pair of gloves and some packages to put these and dispose of them.

Clean the trap

The p-traps are the devils where all of the clogged materials assemble and in the long run cause damage to the water pipes. So here you should ensure that you disassemble the clogged pipes. These blocked drains can be easily sorted at home by taking out these pipes and cleaning them with fresh water or vigorous cleansing. Doing so also helps to get rid of all that grease accumulated on the sides that causes food and other materials to stick around. So, make sure you are taking care of this and putting it back in place properly.

Natural tips to try at home

  • Hot water: This is one of the highly recommended everyday solutions that you must try at home on an everyday basis if possible or at least once a week. Let the hot water run from the pipes through the drain. The hot water helps in getting rid of grease and fat along with dough that tends to stick to the pipes and in return also forces other materials to stick to them. So, run some hot water every day to avoid the blocked drains issue in the long run.
  • Vinegar and baking soda: Another easy remedy for getting rid of the severe problem of clogged or blocked drains is vinegar and soda. For this remedy, you have to take about half a box of the standard baking soda and then toss it down to the drain. Now throw a cup of vinegar down the drain and make sure that you are not using water opt any other kind of liquid except vinegar here. This kind of solution leads to a volcano reaction that helps in cleaning the blocked drain. Now after 30 minutes start pouring down hot water and get access to a clearer and cleaner drain.

Other tips to keep in mind

Besides the above-mentioned tips, there are a lot of other things that you can try at home to ensure that the kitchen and other drains o your house is free from clogging issues. These include the use of a traditional or home drain cleaner at least once a month to clean the same. Also, do avoid tossing the clogged or blocked materials into the drains. These are thick and tend to choke the drain more, including hair.

So, keep these little suggestions in your mind, if you want to avoid blocked drains in the future. Do them at home without worrying about paying a hefty amount to your plumber.

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