Oak Dining Tables: The Elegant Dining Room Accessory

The oak tree belongs to the Fagaceae family or you can say beech family.  The oak tree is predominantly found in the northern hemisphere. The wood of the oak tree is hard and strong and people in the 18th century used it to make ships, buildings, furniture etc. Now, the oak wood has come to the verge of extinction and that is why it is used to make only a few things. This is why it has also become expensive nowadays.

The oak wood has a high content of tannin, which makes it fungal and bug resistant. Oakwood has two colors one is white oak, which has a grey/brown color and red oak has a reddish hue. Only these two oak trees are used for making furniture out of the variety of oak trees available. Oakwood can easily absorb stains because of its outstanding grain and large pores that is why it is preferred for making furniture.

Oak dining table gives an elegant and beautiful look to your home, as it is a great add on for home improvement. If you are a person, who loves to decorate your home and want that sassy dining look to the dining arena of your home then all you need is to include an oak dining table. Oak dining table suits best with that of every interior and blends well with any style of décor. Oak dining tables come in beautiful and unique designs and color, which give that antique look that you were seeking for your dining area. The imperfections of the oak furniture add more allure to it.


Well, you must be wondering why it is so that the oak dining table is much preferred for that there are many reasons that make oak first choice for the dining tables. Here are some of the reasons that show why it is most preferred.

Why is oak preferred to make dining tables?

  • Oak is highly durable and is one of the strongest wood.
  • White oak looks better than red oak according to the color and is highly durable and less penetrable.
  • Dining table made of oak is not damaged easily, as they dry up quickly and are favorable for all type of atmosphere.
  • The dining table made of oak comes in all type of colors and styles. Thus, you can easily find the best match according to your interior.
  • Dining tables made by oak lasts longer. By investing just once, you can take its advantage in the long run.

What precautions you should take with the oak dining table?

Now that you are aware that oak wood furniture is highly durable and do not easily get ruptured but that does not mean you don’t have to take care of it, because extreme of anything is always bad and everything requires a little care from time to time.

  • Always keep your oak dining table away from extreme sunlight, moisture, temperature swings, and heat to increase the lifespan of your dining table.
  • If you give your dining table a glossy finish, then it is less likely to be easily stained.
  • To keep your oak dining table safe from cracking, moisturize it properly.
  • You should clean your oak dining table with a towel lightly soaked in soapy water or you can use a damp towel.
  • Never keep hot vessels directly from the flame on the oak dining table, always use a cloth or a vessel holder.

Hence, in a nutshell, the Oak dining tables are the most versatile dining tables, which lasts long and giving your home a beautiful and elegant look. Oak dining table gives that desired classy look to your home and no one can take their eyes off.

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