6 Efficient Ways To Make Your Kit Home Pet-Friendly

If you’re a pet owner and lover, I am sure that you will do just about anything for your four-legged friends. We all know the efforts of giving our pets doggie daycare, pampering, and keeping them happy and healthy is a great priority for many. So if you’re planning your new kit home and want to make it as pet-friendly as possible then keep on reading.

Creating a home that’s stylish and friendly isn’t always see as it seems. But with the right materials and planning, it can be done easily. Here are some ideas you can consider if you want your home to be designed in a way that it can accommodate your pets.

Adjust according to your pet’s eye level

The way we do things at home is very different from our pets. Learn their point of view, look down on the floors, and look around your home. Search for possible dangers that your pets may avoid. Go from room to room. You might consider to higher up areas as well, especially if you have a cat that loves to climb.

Here are some of the hazards that you want to prevent:

  • Avoid possible strangulation like long, trailing curtain cords, loops of cords, cables etc.
  • Get them away from electrical cords and cables that are lying on the floor, always unplug unused power points to avoid electrocution
  • Dispose of unnecessary plastic bags or anything rope-like that can form a loop or cord that might choke and suffocate your pet.

Create specially built spaces

Your pet will always find a spot that it may get comfortable in. It could be a spot in the sun, a refreshing spot on the tiles, and a safe place to fall asleep without getting squished by human family members. For instance, if you are building your kit home from scratch, you might want to include in the plan to put large windows with a good view, as dogs love keeping an eye on the outdoors.

You can include these great space ideas for pets:

  • Cat towers
  • Litter cabinets
  • Dog bed underneath cupboards
  • Dog showers near the laundry
  • Pick tiles or stone pavers for your outdoor areas to keep your pet as cool as possible

Keep away food and medicine

Our pets are always curious, and most of them are clever when it comes to tracking down tasty food left lying about. Put your food supplies in a sealed container because some food items can be toxic to your dog or cat. Dispose of your waste properly, especially food scraps. They should be kept behind closed doors and remove outdoor garbage as possible. Larger dogs are stronger and smarter in learning how to open a free-standing bin, so keep the garbage out of sight and smell.

You must also store away any prescription over the counter medicine safety locked away in a cabinet. Although medicines are not pleasing to your pets, they have a naturally curious mind that can lead them to danger if they can have the access to pharmaceuticals in your home.

Use tiles for flooring

Among all kinds of flooring, tiles are the most preferred for a pet-friendly environment in your home. Tiles are scratch resistant and stain resistant. Plus, they are ideal for a cool place to nap. For older pets, you can install a modular carpet instead since tiles can be slippery. This can be easily removed in case of stain or damage.

Make sure fragile items are protected. Decorative items that are fragile should be kept away from your pets such as fine china, heirlooms, and the like that are not capable of withstanding a small knockdown or fall. Broken glass and crockery may harm your pet and cause more disaster.

Camouflage soft furnishings to pet color

A simple tip that will help hide stray hair from your pet’s fur is to match their color with carpets to blankets, to towels. This is a practical idea to keep your home clean and spotless.

There are still plenty of ways to make your home more pet-friendly if you are building a new home with a kit home. If you find yourself unsure what kind of home can accommodate you and your pet, you can turn for help from kit home providers to find the best home for you.

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