Pros and Cons of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Our home is heaven for us. Just like a bird builds its nest with utmost love and care, we also build our house with all our savings and hard work. Our home protects us from all unwanted invaders and impending dangers. We must protect and beautify our homes. We decorate our house by painting it beautifully, arranging it with beautiful furniture, remodeling the kitchen, and making it comfortable in every possible way. One of the essential features of a well-decorated house is matching doors and windows. A good and modern choice would be aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium Doors
Aluminium Doors

Nowadays, mostly all houses have air conditioners which require air-tight rooms. Doors and windows made of aluminium are the perfect options for such homes because they make sure that no cool air can escape from the room, thereby maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioner. As an added plus, they are classy and give a rich look to the home decor too.

Pros of aluminium doors and windows:

    • The doors and windows of a house are its prime protectors. They protect the house from wind, rain, natural calamities, temperature fluctuations, and other physical and mechanical stresses. Aluminium is rust and corrosion resistant and highly durable. Aluminium is sturdy and weather-resistant and therefore a good choice for doors and windows.
    • Aluminium has excellent heat insulation properties. They ensure minimum heat loss, which is an advantage in places with a cold climate.
    • The aluminium doors and windows have excellent static properties.
    • Designing becomes easier and classier with aluminium. It is easier to customize them too as per your individual requirements and preferences.
    • Aluminium is a sturdy material that provides high-quality doors and windows.
    • Aluminium is easy to care for and clean too. The maintenance cost of timber doors and windows is quite high. Moreover, they require regular care. On the contrary, you need to clean aluminium only twice a year. They look bright and classy just with simple occasional cleaning.Aluminium Doors
  • No preserving coating is needed in doors and windows made from aluminium. It can be powder coated for different looks and finishes.
  • Aluminium is cheaper than wood. If your budget is low and you are looking for longevity, then aluminium doors and windows are a perfect choice.
  • As aluminium is sturdy and robust, it can be used for the construction of large doors and sliding windows. On the other hand, large wooden doors and windows can twist and warp if not maintained properly.
  • Aluminium offers better fire resistance too as compared to wood.
  • Doors and windows made of aluminium increase the aesthetics of your house. The frames look simply, but they can be colour coated to match the interior of the house.
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable, and therefore eco-friendly. As a result, using aluminium doors and windows saves timber.

Cons of aluminium doors and windows:

  • Aluminium can be cold when you touch it and is also prone to condensation which can be quite uncomfortable when used as doors and windows. The constant moisture from condensation can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • Aluminium can corrode if exposed to salty water and salty air. This can lead to operational problems.
  • Aluminium is more expensive than UPVC. People with a low budget will opt UPVC doors and windows over aluminium.
  • The builders should use a good brand of painting on aluminium frames, otherwise, it will lead to chipping and corrosion which will ruin the interior of the house in the long run.

If the pros and cons of aluminium doors and windows are weighed upon, you will notice that the pros are much more. The above article can be helpful if you are thinking of fitting aluminium windows and doors in your house.

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