The Importance of Buyer Feedback When Selling a Home

When selling a home, you will receive comments and opinions about your house from potential buyers and buyers’ agents who view your house. After an open house, the seller’s real estate agent sends emails to buyers and buyers’ agents to ask their opinion about the house. Some buyers will respond while others will not but the information you receive will be substantial.

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When seeking feedback you may ask questions that present buyers with a few choices to tick in order to indicate their opinion. Additionally, ensure that you provide a comment section that allows the buyer to give a detailed opinion about the home. It is important to pay keen attention to the feedback you receive from buyers because they provide insight on the mindset of the target market.


One of the most common comments you will receive from buyers will pertain to the price of the home. Buyers may inform you that the price of the home is too high with regard to location, type of home, and other homes in the same price range. The buyers may also share concerns about a low price since an extremely low price may signify great problems in the house. Pricing feedback will help you get back to the drawing board with your real estate agent and come up with a new competitive price that will attract a promising buyer to your house.


Condition of the home

The condition of the interior and exterior of a home is a huge selling point. Ensure that you pay attention to the buyers’ comments pertaining to the interior of the home in terms of paint, repairs, and a need for updates and remodeling. The comments will help you identify factors that may be holding back potential buyers from making an offer on the home. You may undertake some updates and repairs that are friendly to your wallet and offer a price reduction for expensive changes such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

Take note of comments about the exterior of the home in terms of landscape, roofing, and shingles. If buyers complain about a small yard, you may make the yard space appealing by planting small trees and creating an outdoor lounge. You may seek to fence in your yard to attract buyers with pets who raise concerns about the safety of their pets wandering around without a barrier. Improve your curb appeal by giving the front porch a fresh coat of paint and fixing loose shingles on the side of the house.

False advertisement

Buyer feedback will help you know the quality of your marketing strategy. If buyers say that the photos of the home presented an illusion of large rooms and vast spaces, you should consider taking new photos that give an honest opinion about the size of your home. False advertisement makes buyers feel tricked into viewing a house that is not on their wish list.

Buyer feedback helps the seller prepare for the next open house where they will present a competitive price for a home that is in splendid condition.

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