French Oak Parquetry Can Breathe Life into The Decor of Our Home

The floor is considered to be one of the most important parts of home decor. When we are at home, we tend to spend a significant amount of time lying down on the floor or stretching our body on it while reading a book or watching a movie on the laptop. There is a multitude of memories that lies scattered on the surface of floors in our drawing room or living room therefore it should have the timeless charm and immortal splendor in order to create a perfect setting against the backdrop of which all our cherished moments of life will probably be captured forever in the archive of our hearts.

French Oak Parquetry
French Oak Parquetry

The floor silently stands as a witness of the moments when our child first made its successful attempt of crawling down on its own on the ground or managed to take its first tiny step while standing erect on its own legs. We try to experiment with different stuff in a plethora of unconventional ways in order to give our floor a facelift or a perfect makeover.

We might have tried out with marbles, tiles, granite, timber, and carpet sourced from different parts of the world with an ardent objective to make our floors look quintessentially different from the traditional floors. French oak parquetry is another addition in the long list of elements that we had already attempted to get our floors wrapped with it.

Why French oak parquetry is riding on the waves of popularity?

If you want your guests to take a pause, look around and then start scratching their heads over an act of solving the puzzle around what has been used in the floor to make it look stunningly magnificent, you should definitely brace yourself for French oak parquetry.

  • It is a concept of sculpturing different discreet patterns inspired and influenced by religious, ethnic, historical and mythological references and etched on the surface of timber procured from manicured Oak trees grown in the woods of France. The idea of French oak parquetry is immensely popular in countries like Australia, France, Italy, Rome, Spain, and parts of the UK that include lake districts and Scotland and Ireland. It is gaining prominence in the rest of the world too as it promotes a necessary element of elegance peppered with a strong legacy of rich historical testimony.

    French Oak Parquetry
    French Oak Parquetry
  • French oak parquetry acts as a bridge that makes for a connect between the opulence of the scintillating narrative from the past circling around the extravagant kings and queens with the aesthetics of the future of simple living and finally offers you a perfect blending of aristocracy with a suave of simplicity for you to be able to paint your floors with the multifaceted color of it.
  • French oak parquetry stands as a stark contrast with the traditional form of flooring. It usually comes packed in a mysterious labyrinth of non-symmetrical patterns manifested in vertical and horizontal lines, triangles, square, rectangle and whatnot.
  • If you want to breathe the fresh air of creativity playing around inside your sweet home and scribbling random sketches on the surface of your floors to make you fall in love with it, you should definitely give French oak parquetry a try to amaze you with its potential to bring about a tectonic shift in the overall arrangement of your home decor in order to elevate it to the magnitude of a royal palace somewhere in the mountains of Scotland.

French oak parquetry means business

The idea of French oak parquetry has now been transformed into a potential business opportunity with thousands of service providers having been plunged into its pool of popularity in order to buck the trend. There are probably more than hundreds of prominent agencies operating from each of the major cities of Australia. If you have an urge to get your floors at home embroidered with artistic ingredients, you just need to call them up and they will take care of everything else to help you do the installation with ease.

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