Important Guidelines For Split AC Installation

Air conditioners are a commodity of luxury these days. These air conditioners are seen in many places like homes, offices, vehicles, hospitals, etc. They give you a pleasant sense of relaxation and comfort when you come home from the sun’s scorching heat and enter your room to relax, you know to realize the real impact of this gadget.

There are top varieties in the types of air conditioners that are found in different stores. Some of them are split system air conditioners, windows system air conditioners, water and converter, etc. Converter type is also known as the non-inverter system air conditioner.

Six important guidelines for split air conditioner installation:

#1. Capacity of the wall to be able to hold the split system air conditioner.

A particular wall should be tough enough to hold such a huge air conditioner. But, unfortunately, the unit of the air conditioner is pretty heavy. Hence, one must take care not to plan an installation over a weak wall. This  in turn might increase your expenses for the installation of the wall instead.

#2. Adequate space between the wall and the unit.

It is important to have at least a space of about 20cm between the wall and the main unit. This supports the flow of air and allows the machine to provide comfort to the user. Also, the cleaning process and other services become easier with the help of this additional space. Therefore, it is better to have this space to gain complete advantage of the air conditioner. Therefore, make sure you have this space before putting so much money into the installation of the split system air conditioner.

#3. Make sure you have a good height difference between the ground and the ceiling.

You do not want cool air to rush into a person making him or her sick. For this purpose, the air conditioner should be installed at a height that is at least 7 to 8 feet above the ground. This will provide adequate cooling in the room that it is installed in. The split air conditioner unit is pretty wide, and you do not want it to get into your way and hamper your regular being. If it is at a height, it will not come in your way and make its usage easier.

#4. Be careful of the placements.

You do not want your unit brackets to look crooked. Hence, measuring the right angle before installation and before any sort of drilling is extremely imperative. Your installation work should not look shabby. Hence, for tidy and accurate work, one must ensure proper angles and working is done prior to the service.

#5. Correct location for outdoor unit.

Along with the indoor placement, outdoor location is equally important. The outdoor unit of the split system air conditioner should be placed in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on it, making it extremely hot and avoiding its smooth functioning. Always appoint for annual maintenance, it will save your money expenses.

#6. Making sure all parts are original.

There are several parts that are fixed in, to make a big machine that functions properly. It is important to note whether each and every part is original or not. Duplicate parts do not last.

What are the differences between split and window air conditioners?

  • Windows system air conditioners may make noise while working. At the same time, split system air conditioners are extremely silent.
  • Window air conditioner has one output while split air conditioner has two outputs that minimize all issues that occur in other varieties of air conditioners.

The Bottom Line

Make sure to contact professionals whenever you feel that your air conditioner requires maintenance or service.

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